Brivo Mobile Pass

Open doors with your smartphone and eliminate the need for physical cards and readers.

Available now on both iOS and Android, Brivo Mobile Pass introduces a new level of convenience by providing you with the ability to access secured areas with a mobile device. A new feature of the Brivo OnAir platform, Brivo Mobile Pass eliminates the need for physical keycards and readers. Easy to use and no hardware required, users can instantly generate and distribute mobile credentials to unlock doors. Brivo Mobile Pass is now live inBrivo OnAir version 11.1.

BMPpair-IOSfront 2-0


  • Simple activation process
  • Manage like standard keycards
  • Card reader not required
  • Same application controls doors in multiple Brivo OnAir Accounts
  • Try it for free! First five Brivo Mobile Passes are on us.

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How Brivo Mobile Pass Works

From a workflow perspective, the Brivo OnAir administrator selects a user and creates a Brivo Mobile Pass invitation that is delivered via email. The user then clicks the “Add” button in the email to activate Brivo Mobile Pass on their phone. The user can now open doors as they would have with a keycard, however, Brivo’s cloud authentication is far more secure because of the cloud-based authentication. As with keycards, Brivo Mobile Passes can be revoked at any time by the administrator. Watch this video to see how it works from the account administrator perspective.